The Redhead Murders


Between 1978 & 1992 a serial killer stalked the highways that crossed the Bible Belt. The case remains unsolved and the amount of victims range from 6-11.

Five states are looking for answers.

This week we will be looking into the case of The Redhead murders.

This case is somewhat obscure from other serial killings and hopefully we can shine a spotlight on the victims.  The killings of redheaded women was apparently a thing between 1978 and 1992.

The killings stretched across a number of the bible belt states and some of the victims still remain unknown. 

Investigators believe the murders have been committed by an unidentified male serial killer. 

States such as Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas.

The number of victims range from 6-11 and covers the years 1978 to 1992.   

This case is one that has slipped through the cracks of the public zeitgeist due to a variety of reasons, in my opinion.

Some of the victims were known drug addicts or street workers so the authorities may not have realized they were dealing with a serial killer. Another factor that hindered the investigation is most of the women were unidentified for years, and it wasn’t until technology and DNA were able to find some answers.


Tennessee special agents identify suspect in Indiana woman’s 1985 murder,4145700



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