Robin Warder & The Furniture Store Murders Thank you so much to this week’s sponsor, the Coronavirus Daily Briefing Podcast. They provide all the facts you need to know in one concise show. Thank you to Robin Warder of the Trail Went Cold Podcast for making time to join me this week. You can follow him on Twitter @robin_warder. We discuss the wild […]

Wondery Introduces Joe Exotic: Tiger King For Joe Exotic, life was a zoo. On sixteen acres of dry Oklahoma prairie, Joe, whose last name is clearly not exotic, but that is what he calls himself, scratched out a living as a roadside wildlife attraction. Housing baboons, gators, and big cats. But he liked sideshow theatre in his personal life too. […]

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Mike Morford & The Golden State Killer

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My Passion Case: The Captain- True Crime Garage -Madeleine McCann If you guys didn’t get a chance to catch my conversation with The Captain from True Crime Garage on My Passion Case feed, here is another opportunity.  Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of My Passion Case. And thank you to the Captain of the wildly popular True Crime Garage. […]