Who Killed Sherri Lynn Swalley? w/ guest Naptime Nancy Drew


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Sherri.jpegSherri Lynn Swalley

Thank you my guest this week Naptime Nancy. She is the ost of Naptime Nancy Drew Podcast joins me to discuss the mystery of Sherri Lynn Swalley. In addition to being a podcast host, she also writes for James Renner’s website Philosophy of Crime.

Excerpt from an article Naptime Nancy wrote for the Philosophy of Crime website.

“A Christmas time family road trip’s one night stop on the way to Disney World, ended in horror. John Swalley of Columbus, OH, had asked his friend, Clyde Williamson, if he and his two children could stay the night at Clyde’s place in Atlanta, GA.

Swalley didn’t want to worry about running out of gas too far from a gas station on their road trip. Clyde and John had met while working at the Westinghouse Electric Company plant in Mansfield, Ohio.

When they reached the Pace Setters apartment complex, John’s eleven year old daughter, Sherri Lynn Swalley, and her five year old brother were allowed to go play around the apartment complex with the other children living there.

A couple of hours later, a neighbor of Clyde Williamson’s, Carolyn Ellis, was cooking up a big dinner for the guests and asked Sherri to go round up her father and Clyde for dinner around approximately 8PM. That was the last time Sherri Lynn Swalley was seen alive.”


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