Brown’s Chicken Massacre Part 2

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Hello…and welcome to episode 67 of Who Killed…?, I am your host Bill Huffman and this is a Slo Burn Media Podcast.

Join me… this week as wel begin exploring the tragic case of the Brown’s Chicken Massacre aka the Palatine Massacre in Palatine, Illinois in 1993.

This case is very extensive so this will be part one of the mini series and I will lay out the facts of the case, the victims, and what impact the crime had on the city of Palatine.

In any murder case where there are multiple victims, the pain stretches far and wide.

In the Brown’s Massacre, the victims ranged from high school students to the older couple who owned the restaurant.

Join me as we take a look back at a crime so brutal and cold blooded the whole town was put on edge.

While the Chicago Bulls were in the midst of the third championship season in a row, the city was ripe with corruption and the rent in the city was going sky high.

Crime in the area was another thing on the minds of many Chicagoan’s, even though there was a decline in the murder rate from the previous year.

Crime was beginning to make its way out of the city and into some of the suburbs that may not have been ready for the violence headed their way.,_Illinois

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