Who Killed Paige Renkoski?


 Who Killed Paige Renkoski?Paige-Renkoski.png

Paige Renkoski Missing: May 24, 1990

Lansing, Michigan

Paige was only 30 when she was reported missing. She worked as a substitute teacher at the Educational Child Care Center in Lansing.

She was widely known as the local babysitter who took care of a bunch of the neighborhood kids.

Paige was a petite woman. She is described as having blonde hair, blue eyes, stood about 5 foot 6, and weighed only 125 pounds.

If you have any information concerning Renkoski’s whereabouts, please contact:
Livingston County Sheriff’s Department at 517-546-2440 or the Michigan State Police at
All information may be submitted anonymously.

If you have any information on any of the other cases I have featured, you can always submit a tip via crimestoppers.com or the FBI at 1-800-call-FBI.

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