Wondery Introduces: The Dating Game Killer


The Dating Game Killer transports you to a time when serial killers terrorized cities from coast to coast.

In the middle of a string of murders, one of these deranged men appeared as a contestant on the popular television show The Dating Game. And he won. How was it that a cold-blooded serial killer made it onto a TV show that millions of people watched, and no one could see what he really was?

Rodney Alcala was one of the most deadly serial killers in American history. Police believe that he murdered five people, but the real number might be closer to 100. 


From Wondery, the team that brought you Over My Dead Body and Hollywood and Crime, comes The Dating Game Killer – the gruesome story of the most famous serial killer that you’ve never heard of. 


You’re about to hear a preview of The Dating Game Killer. While you’re listening, be sure to subscribe to The Dating Game Killer on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you’re listening right now. 

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