BONUS: NEW Interview with Amy’s father, Mark Mihaljevic

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Hello and welcome to a very special bonus episode of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?

I am your host Bill Huffman

This week’s guest has been through the most out of anybody in the past 30 years. I am talking about Amy’s father, Mark Mihaljevic.

At the beginning of this nightmare, Margaret Mihaljevic, Amy’s mother was the face of the case. She was all over television and the newspapers.

Unfortunately, Margaret had some health issues and passed away nearly 20 years ago.

Ever since the person carrying the torch for Amy is her father Mark.

I have spoken with him before and you can tell this has been extremely hard on him since he isn’t as gregarious as Margaret was.

I’d say Mark has set his shyness aside and is now in the role Margaret once held.

Mark worked for Buick as a sales representative when Amy was abducted.

He is originally from Wisconsin and has lived in the Cleveland area for 35 years. He has taken time out of his day and after a week of constant anniversary interviews, I feel lucky to have the chance to speak with Mark.

So let’s jump into my conversation with Mark Mihaljevic.

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