Who Killed Shakira Johnson?, Episode 23

Click HERE to download episode 23, Who Killed Shakira Johnson?


September 13, 2003, Cleveland, Ohio-

11-year-old Shakira Johnson attends a Saturday afternoon block party. The party is more of a memorial service for one of the local activists who had been killed a year earlier.

The weather was beautiful.

Sunshine and temperatures near 80

The day was filled with typical block party activities and of course, there was tons of food.

From all accounts, Shakira had a great time and spent the day playing.

Nobody knew that when Shakira left the party and headed home, that would be the last time she was seen alive.

Hello and welcome to episode 23 of Who Killed…? A podcast that takes a deep dive into the cases that still haunt communities.

I am your host Bill Huffman and join me this week to see if you can figure out Who Killed Shakira Johnson?

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