Who Killed the Robison Family? Episode 22

cabin layout

Click HERE to listen to episode 22

In this week’s episode, you can make your own conclusions on who killed the Robison family?




These are just a few words that can describe northern Michigan. The state has been tied to some infamous cases such as the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa and the Oakland County Child Killings. Historical events such as the rise of the auto industry, Motown and the 1967 Detroit Riots are generally associated with the state.

The national parks own a lot of the property in northern Michigan so you can see what nature really looks like since it hasn’t been disturbed for 80 years.

Good Hart, is a small village of roughly five hundred people something that can be said for a lot of the communities up north.

Good Hart sits on Lake Michigan right between Mackinaw City and Petoskey

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