Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? The meeting!, Episode 12

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It was around 1:30 pm last Thursday when I received an ominous text from James Renner that read “What are you doing today at 4? Bring your recorder because this may be huge”.
He said he’d text back with where we needed to go and soon I heard back that James and I were to meet at the Taco Bell of RT 60. As I am driving to meet James my mind is running but I have a good feeling on who this could be about but he gave me no idea what it is that I was walking into.

Amy cover final

The picture of the doorway

Episode 12- The Meeting

After waiting for James for about 10 minutes he pulls in, honks, rolls down his window and tells me mysteriously that this may be the break that we have been looking for but we have to go to another spot to meet with this lead. This location will remain nameless.
The rain at this point is coming down in buckets and I follow James to this new meeting spot.
James doesn’t know what this lead looks like so we are just walking towards the building when someone says “James?”. The lead was actually two people who would like to remain anonymous so their names will not be used. We walk into a nearly empty venue and found a table in the corner that would provide a bit of privacy. At this point, I am extremely excited about what these people have to tell us or show us.
I have always played devil’s advocate with James about his top suspect but I will admit that what we just saw does make me a bit of a believer in James’s theory. How many coincidences are too many? The circumstantial evidence isn’t far-fetched and there may even be an outside chance that the theory of Amy’s killing is a one-off may not be accurate. If this person killed Amy, then there is a possibility that he may also have been responsible for another unsolved murder in 1973, that of 11-year-old Linda O’Keefe in Newport, California during the time that he was working at Disneyland.
In next week’s episode, we will take a closer look at who this suspect is and all the reasons it may be him. We will also take a look at Linda O’Keefe and how her case may be connected with Amy’s. In future episodes, we will talk about the DNA technology that is currently being used to find suspects in cold cases and how it is being used in old cases such as Amy’s. Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?

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