Original Suspect Composite Sketch Press Release: October, 1989

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Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Season One starts August 24th, 2018
Suspect OG pic


  1. Eric B says:

    I cannot help but see the striking resemblance here within the composite sketch. I think the key to this are these round glasses. My suspect had a pair exactly like this from earlier in his life. I’ve always had a hunch that Amy’s primary abductor wore some sort of disguise as he knew he would be in public view.


  2. Eric B says:

    ok. this is odd… this is my comment but cut down and modified


  3. Eric B says:

    Full Comment on Robert Ivan Nichols and more

    I cannot help but see the striking resemblance here within the composite sketch to Robert Ivan Nichols. I think the key to this is these round glasses. That pic can be seen by simply google searching Nichols or Joseph Newton Chandler. Nichols had a pair exactly like this from earlier in his life. I’ve always had a hunch that Amy’s primary abductor wore some sort of disguise as he knew he would be in public view. Nichols was also known to be into costumes. Perhaps Nichols kept the glasses and actually used them as part of that disguise. This is just a thought, I’m certainly not sure that Nichols is the man responsible but lets remember something. Amy would have fought her abductor if he forced himself on her. Nichols was treated for a penile injury. I believe the abductor did not intend initially to kill Amy.
    I don’t want to be graphic but entertain this. He forces himself on Amy orally, Amy clamps down. The abductor panics, grabs anything he can find and strikes Amy with it to get her to release. He may have killed her with this strike to the head or he may have severely injured her. Being a former firefighter/EMT I can attest to the amount of bleeding that occurs from head injuries. It is copious. Now, why is that relevant? Well, it is my opinion that Amy’s death occured at a motel. I believe the curtain is from a motel. This is why the killer had drained Amy’s blood. The killer likely checked into the motel under an alias but did not want blood left behind in the room. This draining of the blood likely occured in the bathtub. Her body is then wrapped in the curtain and prepared for disposal. This is just one of the theories that line up for me personally. Nichols was treated for a penile injury and allegedly told ER nurses he was masturbating with a vacuum cleaner. Now lets be honest, if you were actually using a vacuum cleaner would you admit that in your right frame of mind? Now, might you say this in a distressed frame of mind because even a vacuum is better than what actually occurred? I want this guy(s?) caught. Yes, there could be more than one involved. Nichols deserves at least a good hard look. Lastly Nichols dressed very much like the description of the abductor. I cannot establish a timeline as to when Nichols was treated for this injury. If anyone knows please reply. My theory about how her head was injured stands even if it is not Nichols. Find the guy with the scarred previously injured Penis. That’s your guy. Amy no longer has a voice, We must come together and transparently review evidence and factual information to solve the case. If the authorities are calling on the public to help solve the case, that same public must also have more info released. If the curtain information was released 29 years ago I believe the killer would be already apprehended. Yes, I understand the magnitude of the blanket and curtain was not known till a few years ago with the dog hairs and so on BUT it has been long known public knowledge that Amy was wrapped or covered in a “unique” piece of fabric. So, To the BVPD and all other investigators please do not continue the ” we only accept information, we do not give it” narrative. If you call on the public or a member of it to come forward, give them the tools necessary to help you. Furthermore, 50k in reward money is not enough to get someone to talk. You raise 1 million through fund raisers and put that on the table and IF there is someone with knowledge, that will get them talking.
    The same investigative angles are not working and its going to take some luck and many people to accomplish the task at hand. Justice for Amy, we got this. Its what we all want and the Mihaljevic family needs. LETS GO!


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