Picture’s of the New Evidence Released in 2016; Plus New Audio Clip

Audio from my interview with Retired FBI Special Agent Phil Torsney on the curtain released in 2016.

In 2016 the Bay Village Police Department and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office held a press conference where they released newly discovered evidence connected to the Amy Mihaljevic case.

The curtain and the blanket had very similar dog hairs that had also been found on Amy’s body, which were traced back to her family dog. The authorities believe these items could have been used to transport Amy’s body to where she was eventually found on county road 1181.

The testing in 1989 was not what it is today and the connection was made with advancements in technology. Now that the authorities believe these items are connected to the case it is important for the public to take a close look at these pictures. The curtain is homemade so if someone remembers making this item please contact the Bay Village Police Department @ 440-871-1234 or your local FBI office.




  1. Eric B says:

    To me, this is, as a set of curtain and blanket, a no brainer and clearly from a cheap motel where the management used old comforters to save a dime from having to purchase expensive window coverings.
    The blanket is the one housekeepers put just on top of the top sheet. Easily recognized by its satin binding. The curtain was likely taken as it was only half of the window covering and could be taken more inconspicuously than taking the actual comforter.


  2. Liz Rush says:

    It’s my thoughts that the curtain and blanket came from an Amish farm. I believe the Amish would have gotten it from an auction or sale of some kind. I went to the Amish and asked if the curtain would have been something they would have done in teaching their young girls how to sew. They said absolutely, going on to say it would have then been used to cover the door in the barn.


    • Eric B says:

      I think its important to keep an open mind on everything with this case… Here is what we know that we all can agree on. There are more than a handful of us out there. While each of us may have our own theories, each of us has their heart in the right place and all should be commended for volunteering their emotions and time to an extraordinarily frustrating case. Liz has been wonderful in her resolve to find Amy’s killer. James has kept this case in the forefront of the mind. Agree or dont agree with each others hunches, it doesnt matter. Keep on with the good fight and together this case will be solved. Never give up!!!

      This curtain is only as important as the people whove either seen it or made it.
      It doesnt matter whos right and whos not. This little girl’s family and this entire area need all of us to keep going.

      Salute to all the people who investigate this on their own free wills and time. For me personally the only reward worthy of the crime itself is having the killer caught. I can certainly think of easier ways to make 50 grand so money is not the motivator.

      Im personally looking for info on the following
      1) Airport budget motor inn in Brook Park that was torn down supposedly in 2004.
      2) The definitive location of Al Matlock even if he is deceased now.
      3) Information about any neighborhood get togethers such as parties or get togethers involving Amy.
      4) Information about the death of Martin Sabo.
      5) Information related to Mark’s workplace functions
      6) Farm houses in Ashland county or Mansfield with extra buildings or barns on premises.
      7) Fire Department documents on the house on CR500. If it were burned as training exercise EPA burn permits were needed. The Sullivan Fire Department doesnt seem to know much about the house.
      8) Robert Ivan Nichols 1989 hospital visit medical records and date care was provided.

      If anyone has details please share them.
      Keep up the good fight! Justice will prevail.


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