Brown’s Chicken Massacre: The Conclusion

Brown’s Chicken Massacre: The Conclusion Hello and welcome to Who Killed…? a Slo Burn Media Podcast. This week we will be wrapping up the tragic story of the Brown’s Chicken Massacre. As we discussed in the previous episodes, 7 people were found murdered on January 8th 19-93. The victims included Richard and Lynn Ehlenfeldt, and employees Michael Castro, 16, […]

Who or What Killed Jaryd Atadero?

Who or What Killed Jaryd Atadero? Aaron from ⁦the Generation Why podcast⁩ joined me to discuss the disappearance of 3-year-old Jaryd-Atadero. This case is tragic on so many levels and Aaron knows this case really well. I will be dropping new episodes every Monday wherever you get your favorite podcasts. If you enjoy My Passion Case on Who Killed…?, you […]

Brown’s Chicken Massacre Part 2

Brown’s Chicken Massacre Part 2 Thank you to this week’s sponsor, Best Fiends, the 5-Star rated puzzle game can be played on any smartphone. The app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The game has been downloaded more the 100 million times. Best Fiends is my go to game these days. Hello…and welcome to […]

Palatine Massacre AKA Brown’s Chicken Murders

Palatine Massacre AKA Brown’s Chicken Murders Hello…and welcome to episode 67 of Who Killed…?, I am your host Bill Huffman and this is a Slo Burn Media Podcast. Join me… this week as wel begin exploring the tragic case of the Brown’s Chicken Massacre aka the Palatine Massacre in Palatine, Illinois in 1993. This case is very extensive so this […]

The Lewis Clark Valley Serial Killer

The Lewis Clark Valley Serial Killer The Lewis Clark Valley serial killer is connected to 3 unsolved murders and disappearances that occurred in northern Idaho between 1979 and 1982. Law enforcement investigators have identified four victims and possibly a fifth that are connected to a single, unnamed suspect. SUBSCRIBE to Victimology SUBSCRIBE to Slo Burn Media Podcasts SUBSCRIBE to Slo Burn’s YouTube Channel […]